Saturday, 28 July 2012

Surprisingly, I haven't had that many one night stands. I think I've had 3. I've found that I seem to build a stable sex relationship with most men I sleep with, hence the lack of one night stands, which I actually like. I do have one memorable one night stand, and that was with Henry.

I met henry on a night out, he was one of my friend's friends visiting from home. He was a nice guy, very flirting, obviously looking for some fun for one night. By the end of the night, we're making out in a club and I take him home with me. We were both pretty tipsy, giggling all the way home in the taxi, singing along to the radio. But from the moment we got home, the spark slowly started to fade. First off it took me about 10 minutes to find the key to my house, I had a tiny bag, I have no idea why it took me so long and I was panicking slightly because I thought I had lost it, and it was also about 5 degrees outside. So finally we get the house and sit on my bed, we starting making out and pushes me to lie down, in which I bang my head on the wall. Smooth. Getting undressed is then mission impossible. It takes me a couple of minutes to undo his jeans, which makes the atmosphere a little awkward, he then takes minutes to undo my shirt, so his solution is to just rip it open and break all the buttons, one of my favourite shirts ruined, great. I wouldn't have minded if this was a very kinky, hot sex session, but it really wasn't. So finally we naked, and we get down to business.

The sex is actually pretty good for the first couple of minutes, him on top grinding into me, and finally I relax. So we go to change position, and typically just like the rest of the night, it's not very smooth. He falls off the bed. I couldn't help but laugh, bless him. He climbs back on to the bed, I give him a little kiss, but I think the mood has slowly disappeared and we just fall asleep together.

Waking up to him was a little awkward, me with bruised head and him with a bruised back, oh dear. I happily waved him off as he left, closing the door I let out a sigh of relive and amusement. Thinking to myself;
"not doing that again"

Big Love

Golden enus

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