Thursday, 19 July 2012

I always find it interesting when people talk about where they've have had sex, but I will leave that discussion for another day , but this story does take place in a car, with Brad.

Brad and I had met on a night out, the usual chat up line and "can I buy you a drink". He is very muscular and toned, which is always a bonus. I got his number and we arranged to meet later on in the week.

A couple of days later, he picks me up and we head off for a drink in a pub in a little village. We have a chat about what we do, family, the usual "getting to know someone" routine. Once we had been there for a couple of hours, we head off back home, but to my surprise I soon as we get in the car, he makes a move on  me. He leans over and kisses me, I of course do not hesitate to respond. His hands are on my cheeks pulling me towards him while my hands run down his very toned, hot torso. We look at each other for a spilt second and we both know what's about to happen. We buckle up and head off for a drive, the whole journey I'm leaning over kissing his neck and trying to kiss his lips while he tries to concentrate on a driving. He puts his hand between my legs and teases me, two can play that game. I unzip his trousers and slowly sneak my hand down his boxers, he gives me a cheeky smile. I lean over putting my lips very close to his excitement, look up at him and pull away.  He glares over me;
"Right missy, we're pulling over"
So in the middle of fields, he pulls over into a dark, quiet side road, whips off his seat belt and kisses me. We both climb into the back seat where we can't keep our hands off each other. His hands go up my dress, he places his hands on my boobs, running his fingers along the brim of bra. I climb on top of him so he can pull my dress off. I lean back so he can get a good view of my boobs, his hands caress my back up to my bra strap where he undoes my bra and slides it off. Now that I'm topless, it's only fair he be topless. (and with a body like his, he should be 24/7)  I press my body against his, he takes off his jeans and boxers and I climb off and take my underwear off. He pushes me down so I'm lying down on the back seat, he's hands cupping my boobs while he kisses them, he then moves his hands down south. He teases me with he hands, until I can take no more, I push him off so he's sitting down and I climb on top of him, he slides inside me and off we go. I'm grinding on top of him, we're both moaning with pleasure, the car is steaming up. This was amazing sex.
But sadly, as amazing as it was, it all got a bit awkward from then on. First of all we had to wait for the car to de-steam and then the journey home was quiet to say the least. There isn't really much you can talk about after having sex. But never the less, for the next couple of months we always did it in his car, made it more exciting for us. There is a slight twist to this story, there is something I find out about Brad that makes this a little bit more fun, stay tuned.

Big Love

Golden Venus

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