Monday, 23 July 2012

Now I mentioned before that there was something a little bit exciting about Brad. And the way I found out made it slightly more amusing.

I was at work one day, working a 9-5. It's about 3pm and I'm innocently going about my day when a police man walks in. It's not an usual scene where I work, but for some reason this police man was walking towards me. He had his hat slightly pulled down so I couldn't see his face but when he got closer, to my surprise it was Brad! My jaw dropped, I can not refuse a man in uniform, but I was a little bit confused as to why he didn't tell me, but typically I say something ridiculous;
"Are we doing role play now or are you really a police officer?!"

He chuckles, "Yes I really am a police officer, sorry to surprise you like this, I need to see some CCTV footage from last Thursday, can I speak to your manager please? And also, what time do you finish today?"
"I finish at 5, got any plans?"
"I finish at 6, meet you after work?"
"Sure, I'll take you up to the manager's office"

Walking up the stairs, it's so hard not to just have him right there, he just looks so sexy in his uniform. And he has handcuffs sticking out of his back pocket, oh the fun we could have with them.
So the rest of my shift I fantasize about Brad in his uniform. Wondering what we will get up to later.
He picks me up from work, we grab a drink and have a chat, and of course the only question on my mind is why it heaven's name did he not tell me he was a police officer, one of the biggest turn on's ever.
"I just like to keep it on the down low, I'm pretty secretive about it"

You silly muppet I think to myself.
We finish our drinks and head to the car, and soon as we sit down I start to kiss him, my hands running through his hair.
We go to our usual spot, climb in the back seat and start to take each other's clothes off. While I,m straddling him and kissing him, I notice his uniform in the boot.
"Please tell me your handcuffs are there"
"Sadly no, I'm not allowed to take them home, but I do have these"

From behind the drivers seat in a little pocket he pulls out a pair of handcuffs. WOW
He cuffs my hands in front of me, and then puts my hands behind his neck, he slides inside me and fucks me. He's so big, it feels amazing. I feel he has all the control, which also turns me on. Pulling my hair back while he kisses my neck and whispers my name in his ear.
He grabs my hips and moves me up and down him as quick as he can, I can feel he's about to come.

So from then on, handcuffs were always a big yes.

Big Love

Golden Venus

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