Tuesday, 17 July 2012

So let the mayhem begin....

I'll start off with one of my basic stories. This involves me and man named Nick.
I find him irresistible. He has a charm that can seduce any women to their knees. He knows he has it and he knows how to use it.
Nick invites me to his work one day just to have a friendly chat and a catch up as I haven't seen him in a while, but of course me being the detective I am, I know its more than just a little catch up. So he finishes work shortly after I turn up, we're flirting, his hand on my thigh, the usual malarkey. I try to push things along so I decide to spice things up a bit. I hop to the bathroom, take my bra off, and casually walk back to see him.
"I'll trade you. You give me something of yours, and you can have something of mine. It's only harmless fun" I say in a playful manner.
He smiles and hands over his watch, and under the table I pass over my bra. His face is priceless.
I can see he's trying to control himself, but within a couple of minutes he breaks and takes me over to his office. He sits in his chair and quickly attends to his desk, appearing as if he had forgotten to do something. I take off my top and stand in front of him in nothing but my red jeans.
*Now these red jeans are crucial to most of my stories, they are my pulling jeans.
I go over to him, stand behind his chair and start to kiss his neck and cheeks. He closes his eyes and smiles with pleasure, I run my hands down his body to his jeans where I can feel his excitement. He turns around and pulls me close to him. I straddle him and take his top off, we start to kiss passionately and slowly grind upon him. Running his hands through my hair, he kisses from the bottom of my neck to my ear and whispers;
"lets do it against the wall"
Innocent little me chuckles, stands up, takes his hand and leads him to the wall. He pushes his body against mine, unzips my jeans, while I unzip his. Soon enough we are both naked, one of my legs wrapped around his hip while he fucks me.
*I never know what word to use - screw, fuck, shag - some sound nicer than others
As always, its a very pleasurable experience and we both head off home. But little do I know, there are cameras, in his office and all around the building, so someone/many people got a little show. I also got a cheeky smile from people when I went into visit from that day on.

Now that is one of my standard, simple sex stories. They get more amusing.

Big Love

Golden Venus

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