Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hands down I can honestly say I have a good sex life. I've been lucky when it comes to guys, and I'm very grateful for that. But I do have moments when my luck strikes out. Poor little Spencer.

I've known  Spencer for a good few years, we have always just been friends, there has never been any sparks or chemistry between. He's a good looking guy, quick witted and friendly, there's nothing not to like about him.
Now it's been a boring, standard week so I'm pretty persistent on trying to get some. The weekend comes along and boom, I'm on the prowl. I'm out with a group of friend's and Spencer is with us, and for some reason we start to flirt with each other, and I'm enjoying the attention. Nothing happens between us the whole weekend just harmless flirting which I'm a little gutted about.

Then one evening he has a little shinndig/bbq/pre drinks at his house, a bunch of my friends and I go around and hang out, with me secretly having the intention of sleeping with him. We all have a couple of drinks have a good laugh and enjoy each other's company. At about 2am we all decide to watch a movie, and Spencer decides to sits next to me on the sofa. I lie down and place my legs over his, throughout the movie, he slowly moves his hand up my thigh. It get's to about 3am, and people are falling asleep all round the house. A couple of us where still in the lounge just watching the movie, but by the end of it we were all knackered. I followed him upstairs so he could show me where I could sleep. Once we are at the top of the stairs, he pulls me towards me and kisses me fiercely, finally! He takes me to his room, I push him against the wardrobe, grinding myself against him, kissing each other, my hands clawing his back. He pushes me on to the bed, I can't wait to for him to fuck me. We take off our clothes. He slides his hand down my body, he spreads my legs apart and slides a finger inside. I moan with pleasure, moving his finger in and out quickly, I want more, he slides 2 fingers inside me. I bite his shoulders and moan. My hand drifts over to his excitement.
Now this is where it starts to go down hill, he wasn't that big, and I thought he would be. But I was hoping he could still deliver great sex. He climbs on top of me, grabs my hair and pulls it back so he can kiss all over my neck, and sneakily slides inside me. But unfortunately, it doesn't do much for me. I give him the benefit of the doubt and let him have fun, and after literally hard humps;
"I think I'm gonna come, I'm sorry"

That's it. About 15 seconds of sex. Wow.
I was so excited and turned on when it first started out and then it all went down hill, it was such a shame. So naturally I want more, so I climb on top of him and act all sexy (basically a striper) grinding against him, playing with my hair, running my hands all over his body, using my nails but he is knackered, how? I don't know. Oh my goodness. No fun for Venus. He hops to the bathroom, comes back and we go to sleep. Alcohol could play a part in this but still no excuse.

Sadly one of my worst experiences ever. I have unfortunate moments just as well as fun ones.
Oh, I was wearing my red jeans when this all happened.

Big Love

Golden Venus

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