Saturday, 21 July 2012

Everyone has their memorable experiences when it comes to sex, whether it be location, who it was with or how kinky you got. Without a shadow of a doubt one of my top 3 sexual experiences was with Oliver aka Olly.

Olly is my kryptonite. I have never been able to say no to Olly. I don't know what it is about him; his charm, his good looks, his arrogance. And seeing him a lot never really helped my situation.
Olly and I had great sex, probably the best sex I've ever had. He had everything going for him; sexy, kinky, adventurous and a large package.

One of my ost memorable sexual encounters with Olly was when we decided to spice things up a bit.
*Now just to be clear, I'm all for trying new things but I do kinda have a limit. I'm okay with light bondage,but I draw the line at gimp suits, inflicting pain on someone (spanking is fine) and all the other malarkey. I am happy with handcuffs, blindfolds, whips. Pretty standard.

So, one day Olly and I decided to get creative. We used ties as handcuffs and blindfolds.
He sat me down on a chair, put my hands behind and tied them up. Just being in that position had got me turned on. He then stood behind me, and wrapped a tie around my eyes. For a few seconds, the room was a quiet, I could sense him walking around the chair, until I could feel his breathe on my neck, he was standing behind me. He whispered into my ear;
"I'm gonna tease you, you'll be begging for it"
A wave a pleasure pulsed through my body just from hearing those words. He kissed me all the way down my body, until he got to my underwear. He slid them off slowly and spread my legs. He plants kissing on my inner things, the sensation is amazing. Suddenly to my surprise, his tongue is on my clit, running small circles across it. I gasp with pleasure, the fact that I can not see heightens my sense of pleasure. He slides his finger inside of me, slowly moving in and out, with my moaning getting more upbeat, he slide two fingers inside of me. The pleasure is unbearable, all I want is for him to screw me hard. I get close to climaxing so he stops;
"Not yet, you can wait"

He stops, stands up and unties me, I try to control myself by not pushing him to the bed, but it's my turn to tease him. I sit him down the chair, tie him up and blindfold him. I can see the anticipation in his smile. I stand behind him, whispering in his ear what I'm going to do him. I move to the front of the chair and slide his boxers off, and there in all its glory is his big excitement. I climb on top of him, grind my hips on him, pressings my boobs against his chest, and biting his lower lip, he tries to pull towards me but the ties won't let him. I rub his excitement against my wetness, all I want to do is slide it inside me but I resist. He begs for more. I get down onto my knees, look up at him and slide his excitement in my mouth . I move my lips all the way down, slowly, he gasp with pleasure. Each time I go down, I suck a little harder. By this point we are crazy for each other. I stand up and grind my bum against him, almost giving him a lap dance. I stand in front of him naked, and I cave in. I untie him, he stands up and looks at me with hungry eyes. Leads me to the bed and bends me over. He slides inside me, I moan, the wait is over. He screws me hard and fast, going as deep as he can. I'm screaming his name, he spanks me, pulls my hair and bites my shoulders, its intense. Within a minute I come, an overwhelming orgasm. As I tense up, he thrusts one last time and boom. Pure satisfaction.

Big Love

Golden Venus

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