Saturday, 28 July 2012

Surprisingly, I haven't had that many one night stands. I think I've had 3. I've found that I seem to build a stable sex relationship with most men I sleep with, hence the lack of one night stands, which I actually like. I do have one memorable one night stand, and that was with Henry.

I met henry on a night out, he was one of my friend's friends visiting from home. He was a nice guy, very flirting, obviously looking for some fun for one night. By the end of the night, we're making out in a club and I take him home with me. We were both pretty tipsy, giggling all the way home in the taxi, singing along to the radio. But from the moment we got home, the spark slowly started to fade. First off it took me about 10 minutes to find the key to my house, I had a tiny bag, I have no idea why it took me so long and I was panicking slightly because I thought I had lost it, and it was also about 5 degrees outside. So finally we get the house and sit on my bed, we starting making out and pushes me to lie down, in which I bang my head on the wall. Smooth. Getting undressed is then mission impossible. It takes me a couple of minutes to undo his jeans, which makes the atmosphere a little awkward, he then takes minutes to undo my shirt, so his solution is to just rip it open and break all the buttons, one of my favourite shirts ruined, great. I wouldn't have minded if this was a very kinky, hot sex session, but it really wasn't. So finally we naked, and we get down to business.

The sex is actually pretty good for the first couple of minutes, him on top grinding into me, and finally I relax. So we go to change position, and typically just like the rest of the night, it's not very smooth. He falls off the bed. I couldn't help but laugh, bless him. He climbs back on to the bed, I give him a little kiss, but I think the mood has slowly disappeared and we just fall asleep together.

Waking up to him was a little awkward, me with bruised head and him with a bruised back, oh dear. I happily waved him off as he left, closing the door I let out a sigh of relive and amusement. Thinking to myself;
"not doing that again"

Big Love

Golden enus

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hands down I can honestly say I have a good sex life. I've been lucky when it comes to guys, and I'm very grateful for that. But I do have moments when my luck strikes out. Poor little Spencer.

I've known  Spencer for a good few years, we have always just been friends, there has never been any sparks or chemistry between. He's a good looking guy, quick witted and friendly, there's nothing not to like about him.
Now it's been a boring, standard week so I'm pretty persistent on trying to get some. The weekend comes along and boom, I'm on the prowl. I'm out with a group of friend's and Spencer is with us, and for some reason we start to flirt with each other, and I'm enjoying the attention. Nothing happens between us the whole weekend just harmless flirting which I'm a little gutted about.

Then one evening he has a little shinndig/bbq/pre drinks at his house, a bunch of my friends and I go around and hang out, with me secretly having the intention of sleeping with him. We all have a couple of drinks have a good laugh and enjoy each other's company. At about 2am we all decide to watch a movie, and Spencer decides to sits next to me on the sofa. I lie down and place my legs over his, throughout the movie, he slowly moves his hand up my thigh. It get's to about 3am, and people are falling asleep all round the house. A couple of us where still in the lounge just watching the movie, but by the end of it we were all knackered. I followed him upstairs so he could show me where I could sleep. Once we are at the top of the stairs, he pulls me towards me and kisses me fiercely, finally! He takes me to his room, I push him against the wardrobe, grinding myself against him, kissing each other, my hands clawing his back. He pushes me on to the bed, I can't wait to for him to fuck me. We take off our clothes. He slides his hand down my body, he spreads my legs apart and slides a finger inside. I moan with pleasure, moving his finger in and out quickly, I want more, he slides 2 fingers inside me. I bite his shoulders and moan. My hand drifts over to his excitement.
Now this is where it starts to go down hill, he wasn't that big, and I thought he would be. But I was hoping he could still deliver great sex. He climbs on top of me, grabs my hair and pulls it back so he can kiss all over my neck, and sneakily slides inside me. But unfortunately, it doesn't do much for me. I give him the benefit of the doubt and let him have fun, and after literally hard humps;
"I think I'm gonna come, I'm sorry"

That's it. About 15 seconds of sex. Wow.
I was so excited and turned on when it first started out and then it all went down hill, it was such a shame. So naturally I want more, so I climb on top of him and act all sexy (basically a striper) grinding against him, playing with my hair, running my hands all over his body, using my nails but he is knackered, how? I don't know. Oh my goodness. No fun for Venus. He hops to the bathroom, comes back and we go to sleep. Alcohol could play a part in this but still no excuse.

Sadly one of my worst experiences ever. I have unfortunate moments just as well as fun ones.
Oh, I was wearing my red jeans when this all happened.

Big Love

Golden Venus

Monday, 23 July 2012

Now I mentioned before that there was something a little bit exciting about Brad. And the way I found out made it slightly more amusing.

I was at work one day, working a 9-5. It's about 3pm and I'm innocently going about my day when a police man walks in. It's not an usual scene where I work, but for some reason this police man was walking towards me. He had his hat slightly pulled down so I couldn't see his face but when he got closer, to my surprise it was Brad! My jaw dropped, I can not refuse a man in uniform, but I was a little bit confused as to why he didn't tell me, but typically I say something ridiculous;
"Are we doing role play now or are you really a police officer?!"

He chuckles, "Yes I really am a police officer, sorry to surprise you like this, I need to see some CCTV footage from last Thursday, can I speak to your manager please? And also, what time do you finish today?"
"I finish at 5, got any plans?"
"I finish at 6, meet you after work?"
"Sure, I'll take you up to the manager's office"

Walking up the stairs, it's so hard not to just have him right there, he just looks so sexy in his uniform. And he has handcuffs sticking out of his back pocket, oh the fun we could have with them.
So the rest of my shift I fantasize about Brad in his uniform. Wondering what we will get up to later.
He picks me up from work, we grab a drink and have a chat, and of course the only question on my mind is why it heaven's name did he not tell me he was a police officer, one of the biggest turn on's ever.
"I just like to keep it on the down low, I'm pretty secretive about it"

You silly muppet I think to myself.
We finish our drinks and head to the car, and soon as we sit down I start to kiss him, my hands running through his hair.
We go to our usual spot, climb in the back seat and start to take each other's clothes off. While I,m straddling him and kissing him, I notice his uniform in the boot.
"Please tell me your handcuffs are there"
"Sadly no, I'm not allowed to take them home, but I do have these"

From behind the drivers seat in a little pocket he pulls out a pair of handcuffs. WOW
He cuffs my hands in front of me, and then puts my hands behind his neck, he slides inside me and fucks me. He's so big, it feels amazing. I feel he has all the control, which also turns me on. Pulling my hair back while he kisses my neck and whispers my name in his ear.
He grabs my hips and moves me up and down him as quick as he can, I can feel he's about to come.

So from then on, handcuffs were always a big yes.

Big Love

Golden Venus

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Everyone has their memorable experiences when it comes to sex, whether it be location, who it was with or how kinky you got. Without a shadow of a doubt one of my top 3 sexual experiences was with Oliver aka Olly.

Olly is my kryptonite. I have never been able to say no to Olly. I don't know what it is about him; his charm, his good looks, his arrogance. And seeing him a lot never really helped my situation.
Olly and I had great sex, probably the best sex I've ever had. He had everything going for him; sexy, kinky, adventurous and a large package.

One of my ost memorable sexual encounters with Olly was when we decided to spice things up a bit.
*Now just to be clear, I'm all for trying new things but I do kinda have a limit. I'm okay with light bondage,but I draw the line at gimp suits, inflicting pain on someone (spanking is fine) and all the other malarkey. I am happy with handcuffs, blindfolds, whips. Pretty standard.

So, one day Olly and I decided to get creative. We used ties as handcuffs and blindfolds.
He sat me down on a chair, put my hands behind and tied them up. Just being in that position had got me turned on. He then stood behind me, and wrapped a tie around my eyes. For a few seconds, the room was a quiet, I could sense him walking around the chair, until I could feel his breathe on my neck, he was standing behind me. He whispered into my ear;
"I'm gonna tease you, you'll be begging for it"
A wave a pleasure pulsed through my body just from hearing those words. He kissed me all the way down my body, until he got to my underwear. He slid them off slowly and spread my legs. He plants kissing on my inner things, the sensation is amazing. Suddenly to my surprise, his tongue is on my clit, running small circles across it. I gasp with pleasure, the fact that I can not see heightens my sense of pleasure. He slides his finger inside of me, slowly moving in and out, with my moaning getting more upbeat, he slide two fingers inside of me. The pleasure is unbearable, all I want is for him to screw me hard. I get close to climaxing so he stops;
"Not yet, you can wait"

He stops, stands up and unties me, I try to control myself by not pushing him to the bed, but it's my turn to tease him. I sit him down the chair, tie him up and blindfold him. I can see the anticipation in his smile. I stand behind him, whispering in his ear what I'm going to do him. I move to the front of the chair and slide his boxers off, and there in all its glory is his big excitement. I climb on top of him, grind my hips on him, pressings my boobs against his chest, and biting his lower lip, he tries to pull towards me but the ties won't let him. I rub his excitement against my wetness, all I want to do is slide it inside me but I resist. He begs for more. I get down onto my knees, look up at him and slide his excitement in my mouth . I move my lips all the way down, slowly, he gasp with pleasure. Each time I go down, I suck a little harder. By this point we are crazy for each other. I stand up and grind my bum against him, almost giving him a lap dance. I stand in front of him naked, and I cave in. I untie him, he stands up and looks at me with hungry eyes. Leads me to the bed and bends me over. He slides inside me, I moan, the wait is over. He screws me hard and fast, going as deep as he can. I'm screaming his name, he spanks me, pulls my hair and bites my shoulders, its intense. Within a minute I come, an overwhelming orgasm. As I tense up, he thrusts one last time and boom. Pure satisfaction.

Big Love

Golden Venus

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I always find it interesting when people talk about where they've have had sex, but I will leave that discussion for another day , but this story does take place in a car, with Brad.

Brad and I had met on a night out, the usual chat up line and "can I buy you a drink". He is very muscular and toned, which is always a bonus. I got his number and we arranged to meet later on in the week.

A couple of days later, he picks me up and we head off for a drink in a pub in a little village. We have a chat about what we do, family, the usual "getting to know someone" routine. Once we had been there for a couple of hours, we head off back home, but to my surprise I soon as we get in the car, he makes a move on  me. He leans over and kisses me, I of course do not hesitate to respond. His hands are on my cheeks pulling me towards him while my hands run down his very toned, hot torso. We look at each other for a spilt second and we both know what's about to happen. We buckle up and head off for a drive, the whole journey I'm leaning over kissing his neck and trying to kiss his lips while he tries to concentrate on a driving. He puts his hand between my legs and teases me, two can play that game. I unzip his trousers and slowly sneak my hand down his boxers, he gives me a cheeky smile. I lean over putting my lips very close to his excitement, look up at him and pull away.  He glares over me;
"Right missy, we're pulling over"
So in the middle of fields, he pulls over into a dark, quiet side road, whips off his seat belt and kisses me. We both climb into the back seat where we can't keep our hands off each other. His hands go up my dress, he places his hands on my boobs, running his fingers along the brim of bra. I climb on top of him so he can pull my dress off. I lean back so he can get a good view of my boobs, his hands caress my back up to my bra strap where he undoes my bra and slides it off. Now that I'm topless, it's only fair he be topless. (and with a body like his, he should be 24/7)  I press my body against his, he takes off his jeans and boxers and I climb off and take my underwear off. He pushes me down so I'm lying down on the back seat, he's hands cupping my boobs while he kisses them, he then moves his hands down south. He teases me with he hands, until I can take no more, I push him off so he's sitting down and I climb on top of him, he slides inside me and off we go. I'm grinding on top of him, we're both moaning with pleasure, the car is steaming up. This was amazing sex.
But sadly, as amazing as it was, it all got a bit awkward from then on. First of all we had to wait for the car to de-steam and then the journey home was quiet to say the least. There isn't really much you can talk about after having sex. But never the less, for the next couple of months we always did it in his car, made it more exciting for us. There is a slight twist to this story, there is something I find out about Brad that makes this a little bit more fun, stay tuned.

Big Love

Golden Venus

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

So let the mayhem begin....

I'll start off with one of my basic stories. This involves me and man named Nick.
I find him irresistible. He has a charm that can seduce any women to their knees. He knows he has it and he knows how to use it.
Nick invites me to his work one day just to have a friendly chat and a catch up as I haven't seen him in a while, but of course me being the detective I am, I know its more than just a little catch up. So he finishes work shortly after I turn up, we're flirting, his hand on my thigh, the usual malarkey. I try to push things along so I decide to spice things up a bit. I hop to the bathroom, take my bra off, and casually walk back to see him.
"I'll trade you. You give me something of yours, and you can have something of mine. It's only harmless fun" I say in a playful manner.
He smiles and hands over his watch, and under the table I pass over my bra. His face is priceless.
I can see he's trying to control himself, but within a couple of minutes he breaks and takes me over to his office. He sits in his chair and quickly attends to his desk, appearing as if he had forgotten to do something. I take off my top and stand in front of him in nothing but my red jeans.
*Now these red jeans are crucial to most of my stories, they are my pulling jeans.
I go over to him, stand behind his chair and start to kiss his neck and cheeks. He closes his eyes and smiles with pleasure, I run my hands down his body to his jeans where I can feel his excitement. He turns around and pulls me close to him. I straddle him and take his top off, we start to kiss passionately and slowly grind upon him. Running his hands through my hair, he kisses from the bottom of my neck to my ear and whispers;
"lets do it against the wall"
Innocent little me chuckles, stands up, takes his hand and leads him to the wall. He pushes his body against mine, unzips my jeans, while I unzip his. Soon enough we are both naked, one of my legs wrapped around his hip while he fucks me.
*I never know what word to use - screw, fuck, shag - some sound nicer than others
As always, its a very pleasurable experience and we both head off home. But little do I know, there are cameras, in his office and all around the building, so someone/many people got a little show. I also got a cheeky smile from people when I went into visit from that day on.

Now that is one of my standard, simple sex stories. They get more amusing.

Big Love

Golden Venus

Sunday, 15 July 2012

All the stories, facts, tips I give in this blog will be true and based on my own experiences but all the names and places I mention will not real.  There may also be the rare occasion where I use one of my friend's stories because I do know a couple of good stories from them.

To give you a little insight into me...
I'm trying to keep some anonymity to this blog for myself and for the people in my stories. But basic facts, blonde, bubbly, out-going and sexy. (not to toot my own horn) I'm your typical girl really, I'm not the slimmest thing on earth, I do have curves and I love my body, 

In all honesty, I have always been quite fond of sex, since I lost my virginity anyway, and life got a lot more interesting/complicated when I went to university and that's when all the fun happened. 

I happily lost my virginity to a guy I had been seeing on/off for a while but at the time we were in a relationship and he was my first love, so I have no shame. And whilst in that relationship we probably had sex maybe twice a month, so it wasn't that much (well compared to now). 

Well. there's a little bit about me and my background. I will post a couple of stories next week.

Big Love

Golden Venus