Sunday, 15 July 2012

All the stories, facts, tips I give in this blog will be true and based on my own experiences but all the names and places I mention will not real.  There may also be the rare occasion where I use one of my friend's stories because I do know a couple of good stories from them.

To give you a little insight into me...
I'm trying to keep some anonymity to this blog for myself and for the people in my stories. But basic facts, blonde, bubbly, out-going and sexy. (not to toot my own horn) I'm your typical girl really, I'm not the slimmest thing on earth, I do have curves and I love my body, 

In all honesty, I have always been quite fond of sex, since I lost my virginity anyway, and life got a lot more interesting/complicated when I went to university and that's when all the fun happened. 

I happily lost my virginity to a guy I had been seeing on/off for a while but at the time we were in a relationship and he was my first love, so I have no shame. And whilst in that relationship we probably had sex maybe twice a month, so it wasn't that much (well compared to now). 

Well. there's a little bit about me and my background. I will post a couple of stories next week.

Big Love

Golden Venus 

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